Production Steps – Science & Technology

Production Steps – Science & Technology

by Lanterne Digitale -

No matter how advanced and complex a technology, mechanism or scientific theory may be, there is always a way to explain it in a simple way to make it easier to understand. At Digital Lantern, we have powerful software tools that allow us to create accurate and proper representations of state-of-the-art technologies and processes, regardless of their complexity or target audience.

Throughout the production, our team will keep you constantly informed of the progress of the operations and will have each element to be represented validated according to a predetermined schedule in order to clearly and adequately demonstrate, in images and videos, the characteristics, operation and benefits of the technology to be promoted and/or explained.

STEP 01 | 3D Modeling

From the information and documents provided, (2D/3D drawings, photos, solidworks files or other) we will recreate the equipment or environment to be presented. Each of its specific components will be modeled as well as a contextual 3D scene adapted to each of the applications and/or processes to be explained. For each of the major elements to be modelled, image renders will be generated to enable you to validate their measurements.

When the volumetry is complete, we will also generate several preview images that will enable us to determine with you the camera plans to generate for the presentation of your project (positioning of viewpoints).

STEP 02 | Textures

With the provided information on materials and finishes, we will create the colours and textures that make up the product and its immediate environment. We will apply them to the different surfaces of 3D models and generate images for you to validate the colors and textures of the product (s).

STEP 03 | Lighting

Once the volumes and textures have been validated, we will create the lighting. The lighting of a 3D scene is a crucial step in the production of a quality 3D image. It is at this stage that the ambience and atmosphere take shape, the lines of a product can be highlighted and the characteristics of a device can be identified.

Once the lighting is set, we will generate low-resolution images for validation purposes. Once this preview is corrected and approved, we will start the final calculation of the image at the required resolution. This will usually be determined by the medium (printing, website, broadcast, etc.) you will use to promote the product.

STEP 04 | Post-production

Post-production is the stage where we make the final adjustments on the generated image. We accentuate colours, correct certain contrasts to bring out the relevant details of a representation. We add lens effects, highlights, depth of field, accessory elements if these were not already present in the 3D model. In short, we enhance the image in order to best promote it to the target audience.

Once the final 3D visual validated, it will be given to you in the format of your choice, without conditions or limitations.

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