Production Steps – Architecture

Production Steps – Architecture

by Lanterne Digitale -

In architecture, each project is unique. Each one has a location, an atmosphere, a personality that sets it apart. At Digital Lantern, we strive to find what makes each project stand out and makes it exceptional, so that we can bring to the fore the point of view that best speaks to the target audience.

Throughout the course of the mandate you will entrust us with, you will be kept informed of the development of our operations. At each stage of production, we will validate each important element of your project according to a precise and pre-established schedule in order to produce images and videos of your ideas and concepts, so that they represent your vision and are adapted to your signature for your target audience.

STEP 01 | 3D Modeling

Based on the information and documents provided (plans, sections, elevations, and/or 3D models) we will create the 3D volumetrics of the building to be presented. We will model each of its architectural features at the level of detail required. Several approval reports will be generated to allow you to validate each of the important details of your project.
At the same time, these preview images will enable you to determine and validate the preferred camera plans to present your project (positioning of viewpoints). Generally, for each contextual 3D environment to be shown (exterior and interior), a 3D scene will be created.

STEP 02 | Textures

With the provided information on materials and finishes, we will create the colors and textures that will embellish your project and its immediate environment. We will apply them to the various surfaces of approved 3D models and generate validation images for you for your final approval.

STEP 03 | Lighting

Once the volumes and materials have been validated, we will proceed with the lighting of the scene. The lighting of a 3D scene is a crucial step in the production of a high-quality 3D image. It is at this stage that the atmosphere and mood of a 3D environment takes shape. We will simulate the ideal lighting to enhance your project, day or night, according to your preference or according to the specific technical lighting criteria to reproduce.

As at all stages, once the lighting is set, we will generate low-resolution images for validation purposes. Once this preview is approved, we will start the final calculation of the 3D image at the required resolution (usually determined by the medium – printing, video format, web site, etc. – of dissemination used).

STEP 04 | Post-production

Post-production is the stage where we make the final adjustments on the generated image. We will accentuate colors, correct some contrasts to highlight the major attractions of your project. We will add lens effects, highlights and accessory elements if these were not already present in the 3D scene. In short, we will improve the image of your project in order to ensure that your target audience gets the most out of your project.

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