Our Services – Special Effects

Our Services – Special Effects

by Lanterne Digitale -

A good effect is the one you don’t see! Useful – and necessary! In virtually all video productions today, creating special effects has become a viable and often necessary (and certainly competitive) solution for anything that cannot be physically recreated. It makes it possible to meet the ambitions of the directors, to bypass the practical problems of a shooting and to push the limits of a narrative plot. In short, it makes the impossible visually possible.

Whether it’s adding or deleting objects or defects, modifying an environment, making minor image corrections, or designing a trompe-l’ oeil effect, our team can provide you with the ideal solution for your video needs when it’s time to add magic or refine an existing production.
Whether it’s small or large production, whatever your special effects needs, simple image correction, adding or removing elements, or creating a fantastic environment, we’ll guide you and provide the result you’re looking for!

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