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We’re not gonna tell you #itsgonnabeokay. While this hashtag is certainly meant to be benevolent (#cavabienaller in Quebec province), it may not have the right mindset. Let’s say  #bestrong or #bepersistent!  Don’t misunderstand us: Better days will come again, it’s only a matter of time! Tough times don’t last (Tough people do!).

That said, as you certainly know, we have to roll up our sleeves to get through it.  We have to think strategically, make difficult decisions, be in solution mode!  But above all else, we have to look strategically ahead and review our methods to adapt! Since the beginning of our studio, it’s with this mindset that we’ve always met challenges and made progress.

And now, with the social distancing measures judiciously requested by the various governments, like many others, we now have to use our creativity to succeed in continuing the production of our various mandates.

We have not yet had time to patent our invention, working holograms!


Honestly it is not always easy to organize a company in telework, (and, it is sometimes even for many counter-intuitive …). But with the different technologies available today, it is possible to do it. Whether it’s via Slack, TeamViewer, Microsoft’s Team, Google’s Hangouts or even Skype, we are all able to stay in touch with our colleagues and communicate with our clients. In our case, we mainly use Hangouts for our production and follow-up meetings. The Google Suite is clearly a good fit these days.

For us, working remotely has been relatively simple to implement.  Our 3D artists are all equipped with computers powerful enough to continue their work and are able to connect with our rendering farm, which ensures the smooth continuation of rendering calculations and the production of animation videos.

As for the management of schedules and timesheets, working with web-based solutions such as Monday or Zoho are quite appropriate.

As in any business, keeping in touch with one’s team is very important, but most importantly, trust must play a predominant role (especially in this coronavirus situation). This means trusting  employees, being frank and transparent. Employees are part of the solution and are, for us as for you, our greatest asset!

Our studio is very lucky. Many clients continue to trust us even in these times and we are certainly very grateful to them.  It is also a pleasure to work with them in the preparation of their communication tools.

What about you? Have you thought about it?

Because following coronavirus, there will be a recovery and companies that have played the cicada, as in the fable, could soon find themselves left behind. During this economic recovery, the content you will have to present will be more important than ever and essential to your development.  It is therefore essential to begin this reflection if its not already begun!

So we will simply end this blog by encouraging you to think about your recovery, to think about the content you will need, to plan it, to create it or to ask experts to help you. And if you need help, let us know !   Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or needs! Stay safe and be more an ant than a cicada!





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