A Bit of History

A Bit of History

by Lanterne Digitale -

In 2003, Serge Morin, an architect by training, graduated in 3D animation, passionate about visual effects and cinema, decided after six years of architectural practice, to reconcile his expertise and his passions. With the help of two associates from architectural and engineering fields, he founded Digital Lantern. A company that officially began its activities in 2006 by offering 3D imaging and animation services to architects and real estate developers in the province of Quebec.

The quality of the services, images and animations produced for the field of architecture garnering increased notice, Digital Lantern quickly attracted the attention of specialists from other professional fields.

In 2013, Serge Morin became the sole owner of Digital Lantern which, in order to meet the growing demand with rigor and professionalism, saw its team grow and diversify over the next few years.

Today, with a full team of creative, innovative and ambitious artists, just as passionate about cinema and visual effects as it’s leader, Digital Lantern serves professionals in a wide range of fields (design, architecture, entertainment, science, technology, and cinema in visual effects) and is democratizing 3D animation in order to design stunning visuals that allows anyone to see, understand, convey and feel their vision, projects and stories.

To date, Digital Lantern has produced over a thousand image, 3D animation and visual effects projects for hundreds of clients in a wide variety of fields: Cossette, Philips, Squeeze studios, ABB Technologies, Creaform, Propage, Comact, Teknion, Rousseau Métal, Nova Construction, Optel-Vision, Techo-Bloc, Leddartech, Roussin, Logisco, Kronos technologies, the CHUL research centre, Génome Québec, Versilis, Ver-Mac, Caron and Guay, and many others.

So, whether it’s reproducing a physical and/or environmental phenomenon, rain, water, soil erosion or the evolution of a city over time, or integrating characters filmed on “green screen” into specific environments, you can rest assured that the many complex projects created to date have perfectly prepared us for the requirements of your project and have provided us with an excellent understanding of the challenges that lie ahead.

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